Bad URL Links - Some Pages Appearing as Blank
Posted by Mark Popnfresh on 05 April 2013 02:21 PM

Since we made a security update a couple of weeks ago (Mid March 2013), there have been a few bug within the system which we have been trying to troubleshoot.


One of the issues is that not all the URL's within the store are being resolved correctly and so some pages do not appear. For example, when going through the store checkout the URL may contain:




which is correct for the Payment page. But if you select Paypal Express as a payment method the URL then comes up like this:




which is incorrect and presents a blank page.


The attached file contains a bug fix for core.php. Unzip the file then upload core.php into the root of /wp-content/plugins/wp-online-store/core.php


I have also attached an earlier fix for html_output.php which addressed an issue with some links not working within the store. Unzip and upload the file to:


More info in this fix can be found here:



If you have our SEO Plugin, this plugin also overwrites the html_output.php file. The attatched contains a file which if to go in two places:




NOTE: your wp_seopack folder MAY have a slightly different name.



NOTE: Please back up your current files before uploading the new files.




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