How to set up a digital or downloadable product in WP Online Store.
Posted by Garfield Bossman on 09 November 2011 07:40 PM
  1. Enable downloads in the Wp Admin > WP Online Store > Store Settings > Downloadable Products section of your stores back end (admin area).
  2. Upload your product/file to the /plugins/wp-online-store/downloads folder as a zip file (using no spaces in the name). NOTE: You can use other file formats than a ZIP file, but if you use something which your browser can open, such as a PDF, the product will be opened within the customers browser and they will have to save it from there. Use your websites control panel or FTP software to upload the file. More info on FTP can be found here:
  3. Create a products page as you would normally for any product.
  4. Go to your admin area Products etc > product attributes page.
  5. Under "Product Options", create a new option called "Download" or something that you and your customer will recognize.
  6. In the same Product Attributes page, create a Option Value of "Yes" or "Only" or whatever.
  7. Still in the Product Attributes page, at the bottom of the page, you will find a drop down menu of each of your products. Find the product that you wish to offer as a download and select it.
  8. Under the Option Name, choose "Download" or whatever you used in step 5 above.
  9. Under Option Value, choose "yes" or whatever you used in step 6 above.
  10. Set your price for the product or leave blank.
  11. Skip the Prefix section.
  12. Type in the exact name of the download file as it is saved in your /plugins/wp-online-store/downloads folder as you did in step 2 above. (NOTE: just enter the file name, not the path) 
  13. Remember, no spaces in the filename and include the .zip extension.
  14. Set the number of days the purchased download will be available to your customer.
  15. Set the maximum amount of downloads tries you wish to grant to your customer. You should at the very least give your customer 2 tries, in case something happens to thier connection.
  16. Finally, click the "insert" button at the far right.

Your product is now available for download.

For a download link to appear on the checkout success page after a customer has successfully made a purchase, you may need to set the Order Status to Processing or some other method other than Pending. If an order is Pending, then the customer will not be able to access their download. This can be set in the payment gateway you are using where it says "Set Order Status".  You can manually change the status of an order in Customers > Orders > select the order you wish to edit > Edit > change the Order Status and Update. The customer should then have access to the download link in the Customer Area. For this reason it is advisable to have the "Notify Customer" checkbox selected when changing the order status so that the customer knows to go to their order area to see the download link.

There is a second method to make a downloadable product appear on the checkout success page, but I would not recommend this as it may open the door to abuse as it will allow the download to appear before you verify payment. In Customers  > Order Status you can set art which status level downloads are available. By default 'Pending' is turned off - you can turn it on.


See also the following article about Order Status:


There are two methods of downloading files:

1. Download direct from the 'download' folder.

2. "Download by redirect" which passes the file from the download folder, as a temporary file with a randomly created name, to the 'pub' folder, from where it is downloaded.

Download by Redirect will not work on all servers, so you may have to download direct from the 'download' folder.

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Ana Maria Garza
11 November 2011 10:40 PM
How can I get the link of the download product displayed for the customer to download the product? How does the program controls how many download tries the customer makes? thanks, -Ana Maria
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